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    FreeST Virtual Organs


    Bob Leggitt has released a set of four free VST instruments called FreeST Virtual Organs, available for download on his site.

    I need to make clear first of all (what with this site having such a high spoof content), that these are genuine free VST instruments. Virtual organs for musicians who create and record using a VST host and are looking for some retro keyboard sounds. As I write this they’re brand new and not available elsewhere. I plan to add more in the near future, so if you’re interested, please keep an eye on this page.

    The set consists of four vintage organ plugins:

    • VSTX3- Korg CX3-style analogue tonewheel simulator with added ‘outboard’ rotary & chorus;
    • The Nash- late ’70s / early ’80s-style home organ with drawbars and effects;
    • The Rawgan- versatile combo organ / analogue synth hybrid with assignable drawbar tones;
    • VSTV1- a basic ’60s organ.


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