70 XARC Dance Trance Rave Kicks

I discovered recently a secret page on XARC Mastering‘s site, a page containing 70 high quality and… of course- mastered :) kick samples.

On this secret page I am going to share with you my unique collecion of Trance / Dance / Eurodance / Rave / Hardcore Kicks (Bassdrums). It´s a collection of over 70 kicks, 80% of them are selfmade or heavily modified. You´ll like them, I am sure.

You can get them for free here and can share them with your producer friends. All I am asking is that you send them to this site for downloading and if you spread the word about XARC a bit as well, I won´t be unhappy of course.

All samples are totally free, you can use them in techno, electro, trance, rave etc- you’ll find ’em a great use in your music. Have fun!


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