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    445 free Sytrus presets by Dealazer


    Dealazer strikes again with a killer Sytrus presets pack! Last week he contacted me and asked to share his latest creation- 445 Dealazer Sytrus Presets 2011.

    All presets made with hard days accomplishes, most of them were made out of DX7 synths presets. Hope ya will make good music now ;) And as you did really know for sure this pack is gonna kick ass, even other VST’s can’t really comply to what Sytrus gives out of sound!

    The pack is split in three parts each one being filled with pads, arps, basses, leads effects/ percussions and more. The presets are mainly for electro, house and dubstep, but you will use them for sure in another music genres too. Enjoy!

    If you like this pack, you can follow Dealazer on Facebook here, or Soundcloud here.


    445 free Sytrus presets by Dealazer

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