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    Tunefish Synthesizer


    Brain Control has released Tunefish Synthesizer- a free VST instrument for Windows.

    • It’s implemented as a VST instrument so can be used in your favorite sequencer
    • It uses a spline based oscillator that can by configured very dynamically.
    • Additionally to normal sine, sawtooth, triangle and pulse waveforms, it can do anything that is possible with 6 points and step/linear/spline interpolation.
    • The Noise generator can produce any frequency of noise with any bandwidth
    • Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Notch filters are availanle
    • 4 ADSRs and 4 LFOs that can be linked to pretty much any importand knob using a modulation matrix
    • Supported effects are Flanger, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, EQ and Formant
    • The effects stack allows for any permutation of up to 10 effects


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