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    MIDI Sequences- 150 free MIDI files by Audiovapor


    Audiovapor has announced the release of MIDI Sequences, a free collection of Analog-style 16 step MIDI loops suitable for electro, techno & house basslines and melodies.

    Will work in all DAWs that use MIDI. These files are royalty-free to use in your own commercial or private compositions. Use at your own risk. Files may not be distributed in any form without permission.

    The collection is split into 3 folders, each of which containing 50 MIDI loops.

    To download the collection, at Audiovapor scroll down the page and click the link situated immediately after the Paypal logo.


    MIDI Sequences- 150 free MIDI files by Audiovapor

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    1. So, I’m unsure on the disclaimer. Are these available to use royalty-free? And I’m unsure on the “Use at your own risk”, what does this mean exactly?

      • Yes, they are royalty free. ‘Use at your own risk’ it means they are not responsible for any harm – hear damage etc :)

      • Whoops, my bad. I almost didn’t see it. there is a link on the page located under the page content, under the “PayPal Verified” seal to download a “trial 150 MIDI loop pack” that is not included in the advertised packs. It is also unclear if these files are royalty free like the packs you have to pay for..

      • Scroll down where it writes:

        “Click HERE to download a trial 150 MIDI loop pack.
        These loops are from a previous collection and are not included in the Electro Bass MIDI packs.”

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