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    REDiZER1 VSTi is a free dubstep bass and effects generator, named by his author- Ohdeo, “Free Dubstep Glitchy Super Synth”. A long name for a real crazy little synth, a synth that I introduce to you because we’re in the great Dubstep Era, still!

    This is REDiZER1 which is admitly a totally crazy sounding fucked up synth the bass on this is absolutly stupid! And i can tell you for fact some BIG names in DUBSTEP are currently using this synth! And f**k me its free! Synth was programed by me with all the presets (60 of them) all done by me aswell!

    REDiZER1 was launched in Aug 2009, is capable of generating totally insane noises (sounds?) and what is most important- creating wobble basses with it is a piece of cake.


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