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    preFIX 1.0 VST


    Variety of Sound released preFIX, a free pre-mixing and audio alignment tool which typically takes place upfront the mixing process. preFIX provides a clever tool-set to clean-up, fix and align audio tracks (typically taken from recordings) concerning overall frequency correction, phase alignment, spatial stereo field corrections and routing. It contains a complete gate/expander solution with a dedicated and comprehensive sidechain filtering path as well.

    -Smoothest audio frequency filtering.
    -Comprehensive gate and expander audio treatments.
    -Detailed phase corrections.
    -Easy routing and stereo imaging changes.
    -Plug-in specification:
    -Win32 / VST compatible.
    -State-of-the-art digital signal processing.
    -Performance-critical parts are written in assembler.
    -Completely SSE optimized.


    -Main audio path filter.
    -Sidechain path EQ and filter.
    -Phase alignment.
    -Advanced control.


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