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    Real Drums Kit (180 Samples)

    This kit contains 180 wav 44 kHz, 1411 kbps, 16 bit,  stereo samples, total size is 49.9 megabytes.

    All the samples are royalty free for use in commercial releases.


    • Closed Hats: 20 samples;
    • Crashes: 20 samples;
    • Kicks: 20 samples;
    • Open Hats: 20 samples;
    • Rides: 20 samples;
    • Rimshots: 20 samples;
    • Sidesticks: 20 samples;
    • Snares: 20 samples;
    • Toms: 20 samples.


    The download link is currently disabled. If you have the original sample pack downloaded on your machine, please send it at contact[at]flstudiomusic[dot]com

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    1. Thanks for the samples, not everybody can bring a real drum in the studio to record, these samples sound real… 

    2. Stephen,
      I am simply using a mobile phone.could you please send me some direct link where I can download most of the popular vst,sampler,plugins and etc.

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