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    Free DJ Colletta Scratch Samples Vol. 1


    A free collection of 40 original samples created by DJ Colletta in his hilarious white-bread announcer voice, intended for use with mixing and scratching.

    Also includes some classics such as “fresh” recorded in DJ Colletta’s voice. All samples in the ZIP file are encoded in MP3 format in high quality 320kb bitrate.

    Includes two versions, a “Vinyl” version which emulates the sound of an old record and a “Clean” version.

    Note: These are 100% original samples, recordings of Richard Colletta’s voice.

    Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

    May not be used to produce another sample collection without artist permission.


    DJ Colletta – Scratch Samples Vol. 1 (Vinyl)
    DJ Colletta – Scratch Samples Vol. 1 (Clean)

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