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    Free SP 1200 Drum Kit (736 samples)


    E-mu SP 1200 is a classic drum machine released in 1987, originally created for dance music producers.

    It became famed for its gritty texture, the “warmth” of vinyl recordings feel and for its ability to construct the bulk of a song within one piece of portable gear, which turned it into a hip hop icon.

    This drum kit has 32.3MB extracted and contains SP 1200 one shot samples.


    • 248 kicks;
    • 8 subkicks;
    • 256 snares;
    • 152 hats;
    • 24 open hats;
    • 24 shakers;
    • 24 tambourines.

    All samples are in 16 Bit WAV format. The RAR file has 12.4 megabytes. Have fun!


    Free SP 1200 Drum Kit (736 samples)

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    1. I just wanna make sure before using these anywhere, did these samples come from the floppies that came with the SP-1200? I know you say “royalty free”, but I just wanna make sure these are coming from the E-mu company themselves originally and not chopped up drum hits that were sampled.

      • Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question, this pack was originally submited by an user times ago.

      • These are definitely all sampled, most likely from vinyl records. The SP-1200 came with just a few standard drum kits that sounded completely different than most of the samples from this pack. You can still find the original drum kits that came with the sampler somewhere on the internet.

      • I’d love to have a cheap SR-16 type drum machine with this batch of sounds in it. Somebody obviously knew what they were shooting for here.

        I swear these have to be *from* something though, and I don’t believe the variety and style of some of them would have been part of any manufacturer’s stock library back when that machine was current. Extra points for anybody that can figure out what the source was.

    2. i did it several times in different days
      maybe something wrong only with my computer or browser or internet, i dont know
      I will be very grateful to you!!!!! if u send me this pack or another link
      here is my email – 19zirka@gmail.com
      Cant find another place where i can get it (
      THANK U!

    3. My Mac book keep trying to open it with Quick time and I get a message saying it doesn’t support the software.

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