Free Korg Karma sample pack

Free Korg Karma sample pack! Sounds from the Korg Karma, available in 16 Bit WAV and MP3 formats.

As a synthesizer goes, this is basically a ROMpler with rather unimpressive filters. It will produce some interesting tones from it’s good PCMs, but the quantising limits movement to the tone, and the zipper effect limits realtime control. The excellent effects section does wonders for the thin sounding sources.

Majority of sounds are FANTASTIC, both in Programs & Combis + very realistic right from piano,organs, guitars, brass, strings, synth sounds, pads, drums etc etc.. I very much object to people who complain especially the piano sounds!!! You have to tweak and add more effects like a mixture of stereo compressor with some chorus and rev room etc… Any sounds is possible to be formulated. Although the board has all the sounds for any kinds of genre, I personally think its more geared towards hip-hop, techno, house kind of stuffs. The after touch and velocity comes to live especially in orchestral kind of stuffs…

Different sounds: pads, gated, leads etc. 37 WAV samples and 16 MP3 files, total size is 47.9 MB extracted.


Free Korg Karma sample pack

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