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    36 free guitar soundfonts


    This pack contains 36 various guitar soundfonts, total size is 151 megabytes extracted, but, I compressed the rar file to 75.3MB.

    Add some flanger, some chorus, tweak some levels and find the right sound for your tracks.

    All soundfonts are gathered from internet and they’re free to use any way.


    36 free guitar soundfonts

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    1. muxhas graciass muchuchaços buen aportee,, gracias en serioo,.,, estaba en nada,, se me habia formateado el pc,, me habia qedado sin nada degran ayuda,,

    2. Hello,
      Thank you very much for your effort. I really appreciate it.

      However, the custom scroll bar and the scrolling mechanism on your website ruin my experience as a user. Modifying standard behavior is error prone, and damages the accessibility of web in many ways. Please consider removing it.


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