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    49 free guitar soundfonts


    Finding free guitar soundonts is tricky and almost everytime the result gives headaches. With this collection of soundfonts we hope you’ll  find an answer.

    We do not claim they are the best, but they are the best we found.

    49 various guitar soundfonts at a total size of 183 megabytes. The RAR file has 92MB.


    49 free guitar soundfonts

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    1. I bow to you oh great one!!! Ive searched all over….i have caustic 3 on my mobile device (music on the go and you never know when inspiration will hit) these samples fit perfectly into the pcm synth folder and im loving the additions…many thanks to you guy/guys and long live this site and im praying for your powerful growth…cheers!

    2. Thanks so much for all your work. Everything works fine. Do you know of any ukulele sf2’s out there? If not would you be able to create one?

    3. There are some really good acoustic and clean sounds in here. But if you’re looking for good distorted or overdriven sounds here, you are probably going to be disappointed. There are many of them in this pack, but almost all of them sound awful.

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