25 Piano Soundfonts is a free collection of piano sounds in SF2 file format. It contains various pianos from grand to electric.

Suitable for hip hop, orchestral, house and more.

There are 25 soundfonts files available and the total size is 185 MB extracted. The RAR file is only 82 MB.


25 free piano soundfonts

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    • if you are being use fl studio,whatever version,you can extract them anywhere on your computer,after extracting ,just click and drag the folder extracted and put it on fl studio’s folder sound list.after scroll up or down ,you should find your sound font folder. then exit fl for saving setting and restart it again.



    why to use a 10 Gbites file

    to get your pc in it’s knees.

    you can use a very heavy sampling machine

    only for a solo guitar – violin,

    the whole song sounds GREAT! with sf2!

    if your samples are fine


    SO MUCH!!!!

    can you sample some guitars?

    for example I like some

    guitars MINISTRY OF ROCK

    and I have bought that legaly,

    I would prefer to have the normal velocity

    and not all velocities and long samples,

    in sf2 files, and ok, in my solo,

    I might use a fat sampling machine

    but in your solo you can PLAY IT LIVE!!!

    can you make also a version with guitars?

    – electric guitars – basses?

    if you transform the “standard velocity”
    to sf2 of a company – it is not illegal

    if you use for example soft eq and reverb,

    so even in court you will proove your

    waveform is unique – especially

    if you mix the guitar you love at 98%

    and a second line 2%

    the waveform is NOT the same,

    and the law supports and defines that

    sample as 100% new and 100% yours

    ; )

  2. all the sf2 here works at caustic app, so amazing. just copy the sf2 file and paste it in the pcm synth of the caustic app. im so glad i found this sf2 files :)

  3. Comment… wao you people have really really tried, I can’t just imagine what you guys looks like, well great work… just fantastic and incredible….

  4. nothing work /i extract in Winn but only main folder all sounds still in rar then i put to fl studio and i have SF2 iys dsnt play . need mp3 how to do it i dont understand

  5. How to use you ask?
    Do you have a creative x-fi card? if yes – load up soundfont bank manager-click bank, remove current banks, and load a bank you downloaded and unpacked. Next use virtual midi piano keyboard for example, file import soundfont and choose what you loaded as bank.
    Thanks for the upload!

  6. Hey, does this work with LMMS? Cause if so, thats awesome!

    If not, is there a method of doing something similar?

  7. doesn’t work on a mac ? I have sforzando loaded , but is mac saying no applicaiton available can open ear files ?


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