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    Free Sika Oriental Scale VSTi


    Sika is a free soundfont player dedicated to oriental and Arabic scales with 9 popular oriental instruments and the ability to play Arabic traditional scales accompanied with beat track (Maksoom style).

    Sika 1.5 runs on PC and MAC machines compatible with VST RTAS AU hosts.


    • new enhanced sound engine;
    • 3 simultaneous sound sources (factory – user – percussion);
    • 9 oriental sampled instruments;
    • easy and fast way to change scales;
    • recordable scale changes over time;
    • editable sound banks;
    • user sound bank to load external sound fonts;
    • percussion sound bank to play programmed loops;
    • doff and Riq Maksoom styles;
    • sync to host with tempo changes;
    • full automation control;
    • reverb unit with separate send control.

    Install details:

    1. extract Sika VSTi RAR;
    2. extract Sika-1.5 RAR & Sika-1.6.1 Update RAR;
    3. in Sika-1.5 folder extract pluggoruntime361 RAR then double click on the Pluggo 3.6.1 Runtime Installer EXE and install it you VST folder, usually C:Program filesVstPlugins;
    4. double click on sika-installer EXE follow the steps and install it in you VST folder;
    5. double click on Sika-1.6.1 EXE from Sika-1.6.1 Update extracted folder and follow the steps. Install it in your vst folder too;
    6. open FL Studio and  right click on a sampler and follow the steps: Replace/ More/ Refresh/ Fast scan (recommended)- select the sika v.1.6.1 (double click);
    7. you will need to set your sounds bank, so: on the Sika VSTi press SET PATH and search for C:HTT Sounds, once you will find it select it and then press STORE button.

    More info:

    Sika Oriental Scale VSTi

    HighLife Samples

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