Free Mykra Delay 3.0 and Mykra Chorus 2.0 VST effects

Mykrawaves has announced the release of Mykra Delay and Mykra Chorus, two free VST effect plugins for Windows.

EDIT: Mykra Chorus 2.0 is not available anymore.

Mykra Delay 3.0 features:

    • Auto tempo detection
    • Independent Left and Right channel delay times and feedback amounts (linkable sliders)
    • Peaking filter in the feedback path
    • Stereo widening / narrowing & pan settings

Mykra Chorus 2.0 features:

  • 4-voice stereo processing for lush chorus effects
  • Low Pass & High Pass filter on the wet signal
  • Feedback control for extra thickness and flangey sound effects
  • Built-in limiting on wet signal to keep peeks under control


Mykra Delay 3.0

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