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    Free Itchy Dubstep VSTi pack – Seismik, Punch, Skyscraper, Resonance, Subbsonic and Wonkey


    Itchy has announced the release of Itchy Dubstep, a free VSTi pack specially crafted for dubstep music.

    These synths were developed by Itchy with dubstep and drum and bass specifically in mind, but you can also use them in any genre.

    There are banks of patches within each synth and at the end of the banks there are Init settings which can be used as a starting block to creating your own patches.

    Itchy recommends this as these synths were build to try to be as user friendly as possible to help people starting out in sound creation.

    Seismik – three oscillator synth consisting of an LFO which is then controled by another LFO. This enables you to get complex modulations and create mad wobbles.

    Punch has three oscillators which are sent to an envelope with hard routed sustain and release settings. This enables you to create stabs and hits with ease.

    Skyscraper has three oscillators with separate envelopes to sculpt sounds. Best for pads and leads.

    Resonance has four pumping oscillators and an analogue sounding filter to add maximum warmth to your basslines. Each oscillator has dedicated volume controls. Best for monster basses.

    Subbsonic. This two oscillators synth combines basic wave shapes to a modified filter to create huge subbasses.

    Wonkey – combines three basic oscillators with one graphic oscillator to create mad sounds.


    Free Itchy Dubstep VSTi pack

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    1. Every time I try and use one it says the plugin could not be found or opened and that I may have to register them. Not sure why its happening. Im using fl 10 idk if it makes a difference

    2. I get this message when I try to download it: Unfortunately we have encountered a problem locating your file. You way wish to contact the owner / uploader of the file to get it re-uploaded again 

    3. it doesnt seem to do anything i have it in…but maybe i put it in the wrong folder? what folder exactly should this be in?

      • The folder is usually C:Program FilesVstPlugins
        Then open FL Studio, select a sampler, right click- replace- more- refresh- fast scan (recommended) and your new plugins will appear in red.

        • thank you! I tried all the folders, but hadn’t figured out the second part. for ppl that read this, I put mine in- C:Program FilesImage-LineFL Studio 9PluginsVST

          • Drop the whole folder. FL will scan for everything inside the Vstplugins folder including subfolders or single dll files

            • okay thankyou! i got em in now! is there a sample pack that works best with them? will 3x osc work with it?

            • Hello FLStudioMusic. How you make the stuffs work? The plugins all didn’t make any sound when triggered, just like my Sylenth1 plugin. Worst, the plugins except for the PUNCH all shows up as Sampler when i put them in the channel rack. Please help me. Thank you.

              (Note: Imma using FL Studio 12)

      •  LMAO! Yes, copyrighted since 2009. Free to distribute, not allowed for selling. I hope you’re clear now, have a great day.
        P.S. On other side, that phrase is kinda funny, one day maybe I’ll turn it too into gold, or at least I will copyright it… LOL

    4. wow dude i must say those are pretty bad ass… cant wait to use them… i will definetly try my best to get the word out on my soundcloud for ya… thanks man just the sounds i have been lookin for…

      • Place these in your VST file in C:/Program Files (or Program Filex (x86)/VST
        then in FL Studio click Channels, then “more”, then hit refresh and it will tell you all new synths in red. Tick the ones you want to use and it will show you where they are.

    5.  do you need to unpack these samples with WINrar etc..
      becasue in FL studios i just see your readme.txt but not the samples
      Please answer ;)

    6. I just see the readme data, I unpacked the files to the packs folder but i dont find it in fl studio :/    anyone know a solution?

    7. Haha, honestly I did not expect so much people that don’t know how to install a VSTi plugin, searching for one xD

      • @ Mr. Your.Peniz: Click Download, a new tab opens, then click the green download button. Is your middle name Dot? :)

    8. Anyone got contact info for iTCHY?

      There’s some mods I’d like to make to the pack, but I’d need the source code

    9. How do I create automation clips? When I right click encoders/sliders etc It doesn’t give me a drop down menu. Any ideas?

      • @Luke:

        Tweak the button/ fader you need to automate, then go to “Tools” on FL Studio top menu and select “Last tweaked” >>> “Create automation clip”

    10. Tutorial>TUTORIAL> after saving and extract (WHERE YOU WANT) open the folder and copy all files to the fruit folder which is inside Files and Programs called IMAGE LINE. Inside click FL Studio (9 or 10 or 11), then click PLUGINS, and finally VSTI and paste the files there! Now open the fruit and click chanells at the top, then ADD ONE MORE and click. Click REFRESH and will appear in the new plugins you just pasted in RED. If they do not appear you did something wrong! Mark them and click REFRESH again. Now you are ready to use, they are not plugins and VSTi’s, you can only use them in the CHANNELS menu OK! That’s it, I’m from BRAZIL and thank you!

    11. is this 64-bit or 32-bit? i tried installing it and loading up in 64-bit ableton and it cant see the files. Is there a 64-bit version, or is this the only version?

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